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Bahrain the vibrant island kingdom, is slowly but surely taking it's rightful place under the sun.

From the traditional pearl fishing and seat of ancient civilizations to the modern venue of the Formula 1 and the world-class Financial Harbour, Bahrain continues to be preferred choice of the discerning, be it the business traveler or the more recent leisure visitor.

Bahrain's premier hotel group "THE CARAVAN GROUP OF HOTELS" is situated in the very heart of the capital Manama. Starting with THE ARADOUS located just behind Bahrain's famous Landmark Bab Al Bahrain, the group's flagship THE DELMON INTERNATIONAL on the Government Avenue and the ADHARI, just behind the new Gold City.

On offer are 3 hotels that offer prime location and excellent facilities to suit every budget.

Special Offer
Middle East Hotel

Middle East Hotel is a family Hotel located in Manama, Near Indian Club. The Hotel is equipped with quality room facilities, restaurants and cafe.

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